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Tarmac Restoration

Tarmac is usually the most affordable solution if you're considering having a new driveway laid and it looks good initially because the tarmac has still got all the resins in its surface which make it appear dark and of good quality.

Once these resins start to dry out after a few short years due to weathering and UV light, tarmac usually loses that colour as a consequence, is often a very light grey and may start to crack in places or the stone aggregate on top can start to become loose and little stones start going everywhere!

Paving Bright will restore any tarmac surface that is in reasonable condition. We can certainly repair small cracks and holes that have formed and regularly do so as part of our service.

The procedure we generally follow is:

  • Pressure wash the surface
  • Remove loose stones
  • Repair minor damage
  • Make good any cracks with a Repair Compound
  • Apply two coats of Tarmaseal™ Tarmac Restorer
  • Satisfaction Guarantee - If you aren't happy with any part of the work carried out we will return to put it right

Tarmaseal™ is far more than a paint: it replaces the lost resins, re-colours the tarmac and makes it weather-resistant, providing long-term protection.

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Our service is available throughout the Wirral, including Birkenhead, Liverpool, Wallasey, Bootle and Barnston.